Juvenile brown pelican
Large bull elk during the fall rut in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
Closeup portrait of a Rock dove
A captive red-tail hawk used in falconry.
White-Tailed Deer in St Andrews State Park
Royal Turn on the beach.
Osprey in Flight
Low-key portrait of Congo African grey parrot
Sanderling on the beach.
A small weasel in Maine's rocky shoreline
Hummingbird in Magnolia Tree
Brown pelicans flying low over the waves
Galapagos tortoise foraging
Laughing Gull in Flight
Sanderlings foraging at sunset
Chickadee perched on a garden chair in Ireland
Macro photo of a Carolina anole
Brown pelican in breeding plumage
American Pekin duck
Laughing gull in flight
Laughing gull in flight
Macro photo of Toad on US dime coin
American Alligator in St Andrews State Park
Snowy egret in flight with shrimp in its beak
American White Ibis in the Wakulla River
Colorful bird plumage.
American white ibis perched in tree
Willet hunting in the surf line
Osprey in flight looking down
Skimmer in flight. Navarre Beach, Florida.
Snowy egrets in a Florida salt marsh
Eastern River Coot on the Wakulla River
American White Ibis
Great blue heron hunting in a Florida salt marsh
Pink flamingo preening its plumage
Portrait of a male baboon